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Holiday Gift Guide: Downton Abbey Edition!

Sometimes, when I’m feeling uncertain, I ask myself, what would Mary Crawley do? 

My holiday shopping is no exception — just what would the ever-fabulous Lady Mary gift her nearest and dearest at Christmas? 

As you’re no doubt wondering the exact same thing, I’m pleased to present our new Holiday Gift Guide — Downton Abbey Edition!

Lady Mary Crawley

From her enviable flair for fashion (the corseted gowns! the drop-waist flapper frocks!) to her penchant for the finer things in life, I can think of no one better than Mary to inform our Christmas shopping.

This gift guide is filled with what I imagine Mary’s gifting items would be — all of which, coincidentally, are available right now at Honeychurch Interiors and Honeychurch Lane! 

And with a new Downton Abbey movie set to premiere in March, what better time to revisit her fabulous taste and legendary ability to discern? 

With that, I cordially invite you to peruse our list of items that we believe Lady Mary would be proud to give to her loved ones this holiday season.

Mary Crawley’s Christmas Shopping List

1. For Lord Grantham: An Hermès Cigar Ashtray

With her father’s well-known affinity for an after-dinner cigar, we think Mary would be delighted to give Lord Grantham this stunning vintage cigar ashtray from Hermès.

Made in France with the finest porcelain, gilded accents and a suede leather base, it interestingly depicts the profile and coat of arms of Louis-Joseph de Montcalm. (The banner inscription, "Mon innocence est ma fortresse," translates to “My innocence is my fortress.”)

     Hermes Cigar Ashtray

2. For Lady Grantham: A Royal Worcester Vintage Porcelain Bowl

This rare vintage bowl is the perfect sunny and stylish gift for someone like Cora who always sees the best in people (the only plausible explanation for why she kept O’Brien around for so long!).

Crafted in the French neoclassical style by quintessentially British porcelain maker Royal Worcester, this exquisite piece would make a prized addition to Downton’s esteemed serveware colleciton.

3. For the Dowager Countess: A Sterling Silver Crystal Claret Jug

From the mid-19th century through the 1920s, these beautiful decanters for serving “claret” (the British name for French red Bordeaux wine) were very much in vogue.

The more ornate the handles, tops and hinged lids, the higher the level of craftsmanship and the higher the value. We think Lady Violet would more than approve of this piece — with the lions providing an apt warning to her guests of the consequences should they dare to venture onto her bad side...


4. For Lady Edith: Apothecary Soaps, Candles & Fragrances + Swarovski Crystal Earrings

Lady Edith of Downton Abbey

With Mary and Edith getting along so much better in the later installments of the series, we think Mary would want to bestow her sister with Christmas gifts as beautiful as their newfound sisterly love.

These fabulous soap cakes, luxurious scented candles and intoxicating fragrances — all handcrafted with natural ingredients by Pure Home Couture Apothecary in Hamilton, Ont. — would more than fit the bill, as would these dazzling Swarovski crystal earrings made by Paisley, Ont.’s Della Bella Boutique.

Soap Cakes from Pure Home Couture Apothecary     Candles and roll-on fragrances from Pure Home Couture Apothecary

Roll-on Fragrances from Pure Home Couture Apothecary     Swarovski crystal earrings handmade by Della Bella Boutique

5. For Branson: Mother of Pearl & Silver Cufflinks

Branson & Mary from Downtown Abbey

And speaking of blossoming relationships, the sibling-like closeness of Mary and Tom over the latter seasons has been particularly heartwarming to see.

As a token of her affection for her brother-in-law, we think Mary would give Tom a pair or two of these lovely silver and Mother of Pearl double-sided cufflinks — the perfect symbol of his acceptance and place in the Crawley family.

Silver and mother of pearl double-sided cufflinks

6. For Anna: Fabric Care Products from The Laundress

Anna Bates of Downton Abbey

While Mary has shown tremendous personal growth over the seasons, she is still a product of her time and upbringing, and may make the unfortunate decision to gift her longtime maid and confidante with laundry supplies at Christmas. #oof

But in Mary’s defence, The Laundress’s line of eco-friendly, plant-based fabric care products are simply THE BEST, and we would be thrilled to find them under our tree on Christmas morning.

From their delicate wash detergents to their sweater stones and wool & cashmere sprays, Laundress products are a must-have for every woman's wardrobe, and Mary wouldn't want her beloved Anna to go without.

Fabric-care products from The Laundress

7. For the Downton staff: Saint-Louis Crystal Glasses

Staff at Downton Abbey enjoying Christmas dinner

If Mary were feeling particularly generous, perhaps she would gift each of the Downton household staff with one (or a full set!) of these beautifully crafted Saint-Louis crystal glasses, so they could all toast the New Year together in style.

Saint-Lous Crystal Glasses

We hope you enjoyed our — we mean, Mary’s — holiday gift guide!

And if you’re interested in shopping any of the items on her list, come visit us at Honeychurch Interiors and Honeychurch Lane, both located in the heart of downtown Elora, Ontario.