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Holiday Gift Guide 2022: Inspired by Your Favourite TV Dramas!

The Crown. Yellowstone. White Lotus. Outlander.

They’re among the most-watched television shows of 2022, which means there’s a good chance someone on your holiday shopping list is a fan of at least one of them!

So we’ve put together a new Holiday Gift Guide just for them — filled to the brim with gift ideas inspired by these popular TV dramas.

Whether you have an ardent royalist in the family or are shopping for the Beth Dutton in your life (our condolences), we’ve got you covered.

Read on and prepare to be inspired…

For fans of The Crown

1. William Morris Jacquard Tapestry Pillows

William Morris was a central figure in the British Arts & Crafts movement, which saw a revival of traditional British textile arts and methods of production. And Morris’s iconic designs can quite fittingly be spotted throughout the various seasons of The Crown.

Each of these gorgeous pillows features one of Morris’s renowned designs, including the “Strawberry Thief, first registered with the British Patents Office in 1883.

And in true Arts & Crafts fashion, each pillow is woven in Europe on a jacquard loom with 100% cotton thread, and lined with a beige velvet backing. Luxury fit for a king! (Or queen.)

William Morris Jacquard Tapestry Pillows, $74.99 each

2. Sloane Tea (and vintage china Teacups & Saucers)

Is there a single episode of The Crown where tea isn’t served? As English novelist George Orwell once said, “Tea is one of the mainstays of civilization in this country,” so we think not. 

Which is why these premium teas from Sloane Tea are the perfect gift for the anglophile in your life. Hand-blended in small batches using the finest loose leaf teas, Sloane Teas come in a variety of styles: English breakfast, Earl Grey, green tea, rooibos and more.

Our current favourite: “Celebration Medley,” a festive apple-orange spiced tisanne, with notes of clove, cinnamon, nutmeg and rose petals.

Pair it with a vintage china teacup and saucer and your gift is set!

Selection of Sloane Teas

Sloane Teas, $21.99-$24.99 each

Teacups & saucers, prices vary

3. Fox and Unicorn Wall Mounts

In Season 4 ‘s “The Balmoral Test,” The Crown takes viewers inside the walls of Balmoral Castle for an up-close look at the maze of traditions and protocols that govern “leisure” time at the Royals’ beloved summer home.

We also get a good look inside Balmoral itself (or, at least, some excellent proxies for it), including the many striking hunting trophies that line its walls.

If you know someone looking to add a touch of Balmoral to their own home, these wall-mounted foxes and unicorns both have strong Balmoral vibes (without the creepiness of the real thing!).

Fox and Unicorn Wall Mounts, $99.99-$119.99 each

For fans of Yellowstone

While Rip Wheeler is what many a Yellowstone fan may hope to wake up to on Christmas morning, we’ve got lots of other options sure to delight viewers of TV’s top-rated show.

1. Crystal Whiskey Decanter & Tumblers

What’s the Beth Dutton–approved gift that keeps on giving? A whiskey decanter and a set of tumblers, of course!

We imagine Beth serving Rip a cozy nightcap with this set, and it definitely keeps it classy, with a Waterford crystal decanter and stunning Rosenthal crystal brandy glasses that feature embossed horse heads. (The equine tapestry pillow is a lovely touch as well.)

Waterford Decanter, $225

Rosenthal Brandy Glasses, $22 each

Pillow, $74.99

Another Beth Dutton–inspired option: For when a girl just needs to drink alone!


Crystal Decanter, $165

Gold-rimmed Tumbler, $32.99

Hutschenreuther horse figurine, $180

2. Brass Fireplace Mat

This Yellowstone-inspired gift is truly one of a kind — we can just picture Rip warming his feet by the fire on this after a long day.

This large fireplace mat (49.5” x 29.5”) is hand-hammered solid brass with a gorgeous equine theme — only the best for the Dutton Ranch!

Brass Fireplace Mat, $1,200 

Note: It’s really hard to take a good photo of brass, but believe us when we say it’s much shinier and smoother in person! 

For fans of Outlander

Outlander - Jamie and Claire

If you’re looking for an amazing gift for yourself or for another Outlander fan this Christmas, we’ve got just the thing — a Scottish tartan blanket from the Tartan Blanket Co.! 

Designed in Edinburgh, these gorgeous recycled wool blankets come in a range of traditional tartan designs, including the classic “Fraser” tartan worn by none other than Jamie Fraser in Outlander — perfect for any Heughan's Heughligans in your life. 

We’ve got a great selection of Tartan Blanket Co. blankets in store in both double and king size, so come by and pick one up!

Tartan blankets, $139.99 and up

For fans of The White Lotus

Have you watched the latest season of The White Lotus, HBO's hit anthology series about guests and employees at an exclusive resort chain, yet?

If so, there are three common side-effects: 1) wanting to immeidately book a trip to Sicily, 2) needing to surround yourself with Mediterranean decor, and 3) craving some fabulous Italian wine!

We can't help you with the first one, but we do have some fabulous gift ideas for the other two:

  • Beautiful Mediterranean textiles from Couleur Nature ($14.99 and up)
  • Gorgeous glassware for sipping Sicilian wine (prices vary)
  • Citrusy Mediterranean-inspired Christmas tree ornaments ($16.99 and up)
  • And lots more!

Citrus themed Christmas tree ornaments

Crystal decanter and Christmas tree ornaments

Come see us in store for more holiday gift ideas

These are just some of the amazing gift ideas we have in store. Come visit us in person to browse the full selection!