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Our 2021 Grandmillennial Gift Guide

Grandmillennial Gift Guide

Welcome to our first-ever Grandmillennial Gift Guide!

What exactly is that, you ask?

Well, “grandmillennial” is a portmanteau of “grandmother” and “millennial," and it describes an increasingly popular design aesthetic among 20- and 30-somethings that celebrates all things “granny chic.” 

The term first appeared in House Beautiful magazine in 2019 and has been popping up everywhere since, from Apartment Therapy and HGTV to Vogue and the Wall Street Journal.

For starters, grandmillennial style is...

  • Mixing & matching your grandmother’s china (and using it every day!)

  • Embracing Victorian furniture, bold colours and patterns, chintz and toile fabrics, needlepoint pillows, and other vintage staples

  • Reclaiming the cast-offs of the past and finding ways to make what’s old new again

This is what we’re all about here at Honeychurch, so we’ve put together the perfect gift guide for any fans of vintage style in your life!

Gifts for the Grandmillennial in Your Life

1. Mix & Match Vintage China

Vintage china display

From Royal Doulton and Spode to Rosenthal and Limoges, vintage porcelain is back in a big way — but this time, without all the fuss. It's less about collecting a perfect set (although that can certainly be satisfying!) and more about mixing and matching a variety of pieces, and blending old with new.

We have a huge selection of vintage china available at both Honeychurch Interiors and Honeychurch Lane — come by and check it out!

2. William Morris Jacquard Throw Pillows

If you’re not already familiar, William Morris was a revolutionary force in Victorian Britain, and a central figure in the Arts & Crafts movement, which saw a revival of traditional British textile arts and methods of production.

His iconic “Strawberry Thief” design — first registered with the British Patents Office in 1883 — and many other and went on to grace the walls, drapery, furniture coverings and, yes, pillows, of the most well-appointed homes of the day.

In addition to the Strawberry Thief, we have pillows in other Morris patterns, along with other traditional tapestries.

And in true Arts & Crafts fashion, each pillow is woven in Europe on a jacquard loom with 100% cotton thread, and lined with beige velvet backing. 

3. Handwoven Velvet Wreaths

Handwoven Velvet Wreaths

How gorgeous are these velvet wreaths?! To me, they just ooze luxury and that old-fashioned, vintage Christmas feel.

If you’re looking to add a pop of vibrant colour and texture to your holiday decor, be sure to come by and pick one up.

We have two sizes available (20” and 14” diameter) in five rich colours: Burgundy, Emerald, Olive, Silver and Red. 

4. Vintage China Jewelry

Vintage china earrings and necklaces

Looking for a way to keep your favourite vintage china patterns close to your heart? Jewelry designer Sam and Tilly has found a way for you to literally do just that with their stunning antique china necklaces and earrings.

Each piece is handmade from damaged or discarded vintage porcelain in a range of patterns and styles — from blue and white china to art deco to chintz.

5. Handmade French Tablecloths & Table Runners

French tablecloth

These beautiful table linens — inspired by the lush gardens of the French countryside — are the epitomy of sophistication and style.

Each piece is carefully handprinted by skilled artisans using a time-honoured technique, resulting in a singular piece of craftsmanship.

Available in a range of sizes and richly coloured patterns.

6. Tiered Vintage China Serving Trays 

Vintage china tiered serving tray

Each of these trays was made by yours truly! That's right — I dared to drill holes in some of my vintage china plates to make the serving trays you see here, and I'm more than pleased with the results. Available in store in a range of colours and patterns.

7. Vintage China Statement Piece

There's nothing like a showstopping piece of vintage china to bring your whole tablescape together. Shown here is a Mason’s ironstone tureen in Vista, with matching milk, sugar and creamer set, one of several striking pieces we have in store right now.  

Come see us in store for more ideas!

These are just some of the amazing gift ideas we have in store for the grandmillennial enthusiast in your life!

Come visit us in person to browse the full selection — our two stores are located just steps away from one another in the heart of beautiful downtown Elora, Ontario, Canada.